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About Us is a subsidiary of BestBuy IT Mall and we strives to be an IT store dedicated to the families. We take pride in offering quality IT product at value pricing with a wide selection. Imagine an dedicated IT store that provides electronics to the every members of the family. Whether you are looking for high performance desktop for work, entertainment-based laptop, trendy smartphone or any of their related peripherals, accessories and software, you will find it in BestBuy IT Mall. 

BestBuy IT Mall is a locally owned neighbourhood IT store that has been around since 2007. Since then, BestBuy IT Mall continued to multiply and bringing in another five more stores to Penang. Armed with 7 years of experience and familiarity in IT retailing and wholesaling, BestBuy IT Mall aims to provide customers with myriad selection of IT products that are affordable yet useful and accessible to the targeted consumers. We are committed to offer our customer superior shopping experience, convenience, and stellar service to the customers who step in to our store. We will be with you for your IT needs, providing assistance and support to get the ideal hardware and software. This is in line with our motto, We Choose The Best For You To Buy.